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Meet Us

Dr Yan Zeng & Toffee

About Dr Yan

Hello, Niahao, and Kia ora!

I hail originally from China and grew up in NZ. I am passionate about helping others live their best lives, whether it's getting out of pain and back into doing the things they love or simply putting that extra bounce in their steps.


My cultural background inspired me to formulate and refine a processes of health and wellness optimisation through the integration of Chiropractic care along side eastern healing modalities. Thus combining the best of both worlds.


My goal is for Fountain of Health to become a source for health and wellness in the heart of Meadowbank.

Prior to being a chiropractor I worked as an engineer as well as an analyst across New Zealand and Australia. I am a Kung-Fu black belt and has taught both Kung-Fu and Taichi in Australia and New Zealand. All of this has helped me to take an analytical as well as holistic approach to the optimisation of health.

I live with my husband, six year old son, one year old daughter and a German Spitz dog named Toffee. Who has self-assigned to be the mascot of the practice :)

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